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new blog address

This is important!  I have set up my own domain and have exported my blog to it!  I will no longer be updating my blog at this site.

Here is the new address:

See you there!

Posted by: jainhollie | September 29, 2008

I’m aliiiiiive!

I know, I know.  I’ve been neglecting my blog.

You should be pleased to know that I have not been neglecting my child or my husband, however.  I’ve not had a lot of time to sit at the computer (and when I have had time I’ve been too ashamed to blog).

Ashamed?  Yeah.  I’m two weeks overdue for a Looking Fine by 2009 update… I didn’t exercise all last week.  The previous week I did workout three days, but then we had 6 of my oldest sister’s kids over for the weekend and I didn’t get a chance to exercise while they were here.  Not because I couldn’t find the time, I’m sure they’d of had a blast pretending to work out with me, but I simply don’t have the room.  My living room is barely big enough for me to move around in during a work out, let alone 6 kids and perhaps Owen as well.

Plus I haven’t been doing well at watching what I eat.  The good news is, however, I have managed to stay at the same weight.  I seesawed up and back down for a week (now that I have a scale I was weighing myself every time I got into the bathroom – not good!) but the last time I weighed in I was right where I’d started at.

Anyway, muscle weighs more than fat, so if I gain muscle first I might gain weight.  Right?  Then the extra muscle would burn off the fat… okay I haven’t gotten there yet.

This post is getting long.  The Readers Digest version is that my husband got sick and now I’m sick and NOW Owen is getting sick too.  Its a sore throat thingy and it moved in to my sinuses.  Owen is getting snuffly and having trouble staying asleep.  Did I mention the unending nose drip that comes with this illness?  Oy vey!

Any suggestions on infant medicines for cold relief?  I have given him some Tylenol today when he was especially fussy during the middle of his nap but I don’t think that’s a great solution for long term.  Or, is it?  We’re looking for a humidifier tomorrow to hopefully help him with the stuffy nose.

I’ve also been working on a new blog design and I’ll be migrating my blog to my own website!  Woohoo!

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Our neighborhood is at it again…

Last year we had the show COPS in our backyard, tracking down an illegal alien hit and run driver.

This year we’ve had police stand offs and shootings and arsons all within a ten block radius of our house.

TODAY: since 6 am this morning, about five houses down from us the SWAT team is trying to get a person with a gun out of a house.  This is two houses down to the end of our street and then two more houses down that adjoining street to the left.  So… sort of catty-cornered?  Its out of sight, at least.

The end of our street is taped off with a squad car and policeman standing there.  This is not the first time this has happened (see aforementioned episode of COPS when they cordoned off the neighborhood so they could search for the guy).

There was just a really loud boom sound, which I think might have been the SWAT team breaking down the door?  I don’t know.  It was kind of scary.

Its really sad – this is a nice old neighborhood which has just gone into the toilet.  Our city thinks that population density should be as high as possible, and there are so many apartment buildings going in and having been built nearby in the last few years…  There’s an area near us called Rockwood which is pretty much where the illegal aliens from south of the border live, and low income whites and blacks too, and its where most of the crime in the area happens.  Well, Rockwood’s boundaries are stretching out towards us.  I think we’re in the crime zone now.

Just a few weeks ago some tweaker stole the catalytic converter off of my brother’s Toyota 4-runner.  We have a big problem with metal thieves in Portland.

Yay!  I hope the street is open again by the time our friends come over for our football party!

As a side note, I really want our fence fixed so we can get a Dobermann.

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I’m so sore.

Two days in a row of exercise.

I did a whole work out today.

I have to put extra spaces into this post to make room for my sore muscles.


I am not sure that I’ll be able to get out of bed tomorrow, let alone work out!  Help!

For humor, try this picture that I found in my Pictures folder on my computer.  I have no idea where I got it from, or when for that matter.

Old Lady and Penguin
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Looking Fine in 2009 week 2

Ahhhh I am running behind behind behind.  I did… er… nothing last week to improve my weight and or appearance.  Well, I showered.  So there’s that.

However now I own a SCALE and I was able to take my measurements.  I also started my exercise program today.  I almost died.  I did work out for a half an hour (had to stop when the baby woke up halfway through THANK GOD).

My hubby was measured too, in anticipation of him working out, and I found out that my thighs are bigger than his.  Yikes!  To be fair, he barely has an ounce of fat on his arms and legs, his problem area is his tummy.  My problem area is… uh… my whole body.  My head is also bigger around than his by a quarter of an inch.  That we measured just for fun, I don’t anticipate working out will make my skull shrink.  At least, I hope it doesn’t!

So, don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned all hope of looking fine by next year.  I have fully started now, and I’m going to be watching what I eat!  Other than the usual, watch what I eat as it goes into my mouth.  Or the “See Food” diet in which I see food and then I eat it.  I have started becoming an emotional eater the last few months since the baby was born, so I have to break myself of the habit of just EATING EATING EATING!

Wish me luck.

Also, if you think of it, please pray for my friend Liz who is pregnant – she has been admitted to the hospital for dehydration and other problems, and the prognosis for her baby (Holden is his name) is not good at this point.  But I believe in a God who is in the business of performing miracles, so I know Holden is in his good and loving care.  Liz has been on bedrest for a while, with a PICC line, etc, but things progressed to the point where she was vomiting up blood, so she certainly needs all the prayer she can get.

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WFMW – Washing Toys

Good Wednesday morning everyone!  Its my first time with a backwards Works for Me Wednesday – I pose a problem I have to you, the reader (there are readers out there, right?  If not that’s cool *sob*) and you tell me what works for you!

Got that?  Okay, here goes.

I have to work hard to pick one of manythink of an area I need help since I’m so perfect.  Not buying it?  Too bad, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I’m trying to sell…

Enough silliness!  This is a serious dilemmna I’m facing.  Owen has some really cute stuffed toys and stuffed rattles and things of that nature.  Great, right?  But how am I supposed to wash them?  Rub them over with a damp towel and soap or something?  Surface wash only baffles me. Please help!  Owen is running out of clean toys!

How does one quickly and adequately clean items that are listed as surface wash only?

(thank you!!! for more WFMW – Backwards Edition check out Shannon’s blog at Rocks In My Dryer!)

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Looking Fine by 2009 Week 1

Well, not quite yet.  Turns out I might be coming down with something, and we’re not quite ready here to start our new diet/exercise program.  Still, I took Before pictures yesterday!  And… they’re kinda scary.  We didn’t have a tape measure to use to take our measurements, and we need to have all that recorded before we start.  So, we’re going to start NEXT WEEK.

I know, I know.  Anyway, you’re not here to hear my excuses, you want to see my Befores!  I took some with my regular clothes on that are suitable for displaying on the internet. Maybe.  LOL!

The angle is a little weird and makes my legs look short in order to get me completely in the picture.  Oh well.  My leg length isn’t what we were taking a picture of!

So, I’m already behind.  And I ate like… a plate of cookies yesterday just to get them out of the house so I wouldn’t eat them this week.  Makes sense, right?  Ha!

To answer Jen’s questions from over at Daily Mish Mash (the host of Looking Fine by 2009!)….

What is your favorite type of exercise?

Walking.  Wait, does eating cookies count as exercise?

How often do you workout?

I don’t.  This is why I’m starting a new exercise program… next week.

How do you find the time and motivation to keep up with it?

Ahhhh good question!  I’ll let you know when I find out.  I think that the Before Pictures are motivation enough!

Now, the reason I want to lose weight?  When I was 17 I was 5’9″ and 118 pounds.  I went to school and gained about twenty pounds.  I maintained the healthy weight of 135-140 pounds for quite a while.  THEN I GOT MARRIED!  That’s right, I’m blaming my husband.  I ballooned up to 170 pounds.  I actually lost weight the first trimester of my pregnancy because of all the nausea I was suffering from, and topped out at 183 pounds by the time I delievered.  I lost a lot of weight right after (all that baby weight melted away!  Thank you breastfeeding!) and now… I’m back up to hovering around 170 pounds.

My goal is to get back into my size 5s (ugh I’m in size 12s!) and lose 30 pounds to get back to the healthy weight of 140.  135 or 130 would be awesome, but I’ll take what I can get.  Think I can do it?  30 pounds in three months?  We’ll see!

For more on Looking Fine by 2009 check out the Daily Mish Mash!

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a long road

So I’m attacking writing a novel with gusto!  Well, at least I’m writing it again.  See my ‘Writings’ page for more on this effort.

Total Word Count: 11,778 words

Written Today: 549 words

Goal: 60,000 (or however long until I get a first draft)

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looking fine by 2009

Well, I’m biting the bullet and DOING IT!  Jen at Daily Mish-Mash is hosting a lose weight/inches/look great carnival and I’ve decided to put myself out there too.  Yikes!  Its called “Looking Fine by 2009” and I really, really, really want to lose weight.  So, I’m gonna do it too.

First weigh/measure in is on September 1st.  I am starting on Sept. 1st, so all my beginning measurements will be posted then!  How embarrassing!  But, that will work as motivation, I’m sure.  Especially the ‘take a picture in a bikini’ for my before picture.  No, I don’t think I’m going to post it, nuh uh.  Nope!

Actually I’m going to post it up, but it’ll be heavily blurred so all you can see is a faint, whale-like outline.  I kid, I kid.

Or do I?

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